Etegami | A Sunflower Art Show

Sunflowers! They are everywhere in the summertime. The standard big-topped bright yellow varieties to the smaller, multicolored heirloom varieties. But they are all, undoubtably, sunflowers.

Early in August, the Augusta Art Guild (in Kentucky) and the Ohio River Art Guild (Cincinnati area) selected a theme. Artists were invited to create a piece around the theme of sunflowers.

Now, I do not consider myself an artist by any means, but I thought that this would be an excellence chance to put etegami in the spotlight.

So, I spent time earlier in the month of August working on my piece. At the end, I went with three different sunflower scenes, two with appropriately selected quotes. If you look at the top panel, I reserved that for information about etegami since I figured the chances were slim that anyone would know what is was or what makes it etegami and not just a little picture.

All of the sunflower art will be on display for the next few weekends, but what I loved most was setting up.

My husband and I drove an hour out of town to get to the August Art Guild on Wednesday night and we were greeted with a big, bright room full of energy. It was full of talented artists and craftsmen! After everyone hung their pieces, each artist got to take just a moment to talk about what they brought, their inspiration and in my case, to explain what etegami is. It was a very special evening indeed.

You know, I never thought I'd participate in a community gallery show--it was never something that I felt I could do. After all, I didn't go to art school, I am not an artist! I may design for a living but there's a big difference between corporate identity and oils and canvas. If you happen to be in a city or town where there are local art guilds, sign up for their newsletter because getting involved in something like this is well worth the time and effort.

I want to show you some of what the other artists submitted:

Sue Ellen Gorman is pictured below. I love how happy and alive her piece looks. Not pictured is a sunflower she did on some boards. That was very textural and interesting.

The inspiration for the below was that she needed a new painting for her dining room. I would love to have that in my dining room. The painting was absolutely magnificent in person.

Ken Swinson is below. He is one of my favorite artists and how lucky am I that I know him? He did two monotypes which are below.

Toby Fried of FriedFired pottery is below. She did several plates with a sunflower motif. Wouldn't you love to set a table with those?

And here is Lorraine Edmiston-Mulliken (with Marilyn Lustik). She did the six sunflower photographs behind her and the giant one in front. The giant one was printed on canvas! What a cool thing to do with a photograph!

I am down with the blue sunflowers and the purple cat. I wish you could see this painting in person. I give props to Besty Baltzer for presenting something other than yellow sunflowers!

And, one more for good measure. This was painted on black sandpaper I think--I might be wrong on that, but I love it.

Isn't it a treat to see the artists with their art? That is what made it memorable for me, to see the creators talking about their creations.

So guys, what do you think of my etegami entry? Definitely stood out! ;)