End-of-Summer Ritual: Edit your garden spaces

Over the weekend, I was able to carve out a few hours to ‘edit’ our front and back decks.

By edit, I mean transition them for the oncoming cooler weather. I pulled out dead plants and turned the soil in all of our garden pots, moved deck furniture around, thoroughly swept and brought out some blankets, pillows and rugs. I also moved our planters around a bit to accommodate for the changing path of the sun.

This is an old dresser that's found new life as an outdoor garden storage unit.

I went over to my Mom and Dad’s house on Sunday too and did some minor tending to a few garden spaces there and I yanked out a nice handful of mint. You’ll see in one of the photos my job at transplanting it into a deck pot. It’s in a bit of shock right now from the transition, but I’m confident it will pull through. I also planted some leftover grass seeds in one of my 3 foot long, rectangular garden pots—-I can envision my beagles appreciating that in a few weeks.

Oh mint, it always seems to grow and grow and grow! I bummed some of this off my Mom and I think it will survive my transplant.

And as for the garden chest in the first photo, well, that houses all of my gardening tools. I think it’s so lovely, weathered and worn. It makes me happy to see it perched out there on the back deck. It’s much better than one of those moulded plastic outdoor shelving units you can purchase nowadays.

Happy late-summer gardening to you all!