Doodles, Sketches and Illustrations

I've said this before here on SE: I can doodle. Picture 6

I'm not a fine artist. I can't paint portraits and I can't lay out elaborate landscapes.

I wish that I could, but you know what? Your talents are your talents.

Picture 7

I so enjoy doodling with my fountain pens (Diamine Damson is my ink of choice) and then filling in with a little color here and there.

Picture 8

Doodling is one of those things I've always done. In elementary school, I received many a chat from my teachers, "Don't draw on your homework!"

Picture 9

I'm glad that I stuck with it. When I was younger and still in grade school, my favorite thing to doodle was piles of paper; messy piles of paper. I loved to doodle stacks and stacks of homework in the margins of the pages.

I still draw little stacks of paper now and again, but I mostly enjoy drawing little plants now.

Do you draw?