Divine Dining Recap

As I write this post, my podcast—Life, Death & Tarot—is less than 90 days old. In that short period of time, we've had more than 100 people from ALL over the world, and I mean all over, apply to be on the show. People have taken time out of their day to share about the podcast. I've recorded almost 50 interviews. I'm distilling my work in thanatology to modern life every other week on my La Petite Mortisodes. And I have way more listeners than I ever expected just a few months in. Ahh! 

And, I want to share a behind the scenes look at one very awesome podcast-themed event!


Divine Dining

February 22 was the debut of Divine Dining. Shannon Feltus (a Whole 30 approved partner, culinary horticulturalist, private + pop up chef AND recipe developer) designed an entire menu around tarot and thanatology themes. Yes! How cool is that?

Collaborating with a Chef

This was my first time working with a chef in a collaborative manner. I took details from my research in thanatology and ethnobotany....and my knowledge of tarot symbolism....and shared those notes with Shannon. She figured out how to craft that into a meaningful menu! It was cool to think about where food might intersect with my professional areas of interest. And Shannon was wonderful to work with in this way. Who would have thought a chef and thanatologist would ever put their heads together like this??? 

The Event Space

The event took place in the very cool Feastly space in downtown Portland. This was my first interaction with Feastly....have you heard of them? Their Portland Director, Julia Raymond, even attended this event! I definitely noticed those supportive touches throughout the night. The event space itself was welcoming and really fun.

Mini Tarot Readings

Every attendee had a tarot card at their place setting! It was neat to be able to surprise each guest like that, they had no idea they were there when everyone sat down. You'll see in the photos I had each guest tell the table what card they got. 

I then broke down the meaning of the symbols. Everyone left with a mini tarot reading, and more knowledge about the rich symbolism within the tarot cards. 

The Photos

There's a gallery below showcasing this wonderful evening!

Thank YOU

I want to say a big thank you to everyone that attended. One of the interviewees on the podcast, Jessica, flew in from Texas and we got to meet in real life! And, if you heard me on the Ologies podcast, you'll recognize Alie Ward, who came in too! 

I look at where I am in my career and feel really, really lucky. I work within some areas that are...uh.....uncommon......to say the least, and I remember how absolutely invigorated I felt after this event! I had a table full of people in front of me and I got to share concepts from within thanatology. Nobody was sad!

I believe it's really hard to approach death head-on. You have to approach it like a deer—from the side and gently! I believe you can live a brighter life when you embrace the light of loss. And we did just that at Divine Dining. 

Shannon & I at the end of the night :) 

Shannon & I at the end of the night :) 

Event Team

Events like this require a small village. :) I'm grateful to everyone who supported, came and shared. 

Cole Imperi, CT