Discipline is the Key To Success

Every few months, I see lots of articles pop up all about what makes successful people successful, or what makes an entrepreneur successful. Usually, a new study or report on some sort of research will fuel most of it. On most occasions, they all say the same thing in one way or another: Successful people are disciplined.

How can you argue with that? You can't. It is an immutable truth.

And, people that feel successful are happier. In fact, they are the happiest of all.

Luckily, success is a possibility for everyone because everyone has a different definition of it.

So, if it really is this simple, why is it so hard sometimes? While I can't extrapolate on that, I am pretty sure it has to do with self-discipline. The ability to continually check up on that big picture of your life you are working on.


It's so easy to be enveloped in a single day, isn't it? Or a single week. Self-discipline allows you to realize life is more than a day or a week or a month. It keeps you on track for the long run. It's only in the long run that success comes. Success takes time, especially the best kind. The kind that you define for yourself on your own terms.

I attribute my personal discipline to any goal or little thing that I've been able to feel proud of. For me, discipline is as simple as making a list and checking in on it frequently. It's asking for help. It's really fleshing out an idea before acting on it. It's laying in bed at night thinking about something from every possible angle. It's listening, really listening, to others and applying what they say to your own thoughts.

What is it you want to accomplish, dear reader? How are you going to get there?