Diamine Ink in Damson, Pumpkin, Ruby and Saddle Brown

I use pretty inks in my fountain pens. I only use black or blue ink if, for some reason, it's absolutely required. I think using colored inks are a good reflection of your personality. I use a few inks by Diamine, a British ink manufacturer.

Here's what the Pumpkin looks like: Pink LAMY Safari and Diamine Pumpkin Ink

Diamine Pumpkin InkFor some reason my LAMY Safari in magenta dribbles ink out the front. It doesn't bother me, but I imagine that would irritate many fountain pen users.

This ink writes really well, doesn't seem to smear under normal use and is nice and bold. It looks lovely on a white page and I do believe some artists would enjoy drawing in this color.

Here's what the Damson looks like: Lime Green Lamy Safari and Diamine Damson InkI know, the pen is dirty. I write with it a lot so whatevs.

This is such a nice shade of purple. If you are someone that doesn't like to use colored ink, this might be a nice option for you because it's so subtle. This is certainly a more masculine shade of purple. I would love to see a man use this ink as his signature color. I envision he would be tall, dark, handsome and confident. But that's just me.

Here's the Ruby:

simplicityThis is a red you can write with. It's really and truly lovely. If you need a red-red, one that is like, red pen red, then go with Diamine's Poppy.

Here's the Saddle Brown: Diamine Saddle Brown

Gosh I love this color. Brown is my favorite color after all. Diamine Saddle Brown InkSaddle Brown is my husband's favorite ink.

What is your favorite fountain pen ink? How about your favorite color of ink?