Dandelion and Chicory Root Tea

Chicory and Dandelion Root Tea Something hot, slightly bitter, 'toasty' and well-rounded in flavor. That is exactly the remedy for an out-of-control sweet tooth or when you feel a little 'heavy' or 'mucky.'

Ayurveda has given me yet another gift, and it is this tea. I am writing about it here so you can give it a try yourself. It is a lovely taste, and has a lovely effect.


What is Toasted Dandelion Root?

Toasted Dandelion Root can be purchased in prepackaged tea bags or loose. (You can also make it yourself.) It is literally the root of the Dandelion dried out, ground up and toasted. The Dandelion is a wonderful plant and its leaves are yummy too. When hot water is poured over the TDR, it steeps and creates a tea. You can drink it by itself, or infuse it with some chicory root, which I do.


What is Roasted Chicory Root?

The Chicory Flower is prevalent throughout the US...it's those little purple flowers you see growing along the highway. Who knew right?! The same thing happens to our friend Chicory that happens to our friend Dandelion. The root gets pulled up, dried out, ground up and roasted.

Cole's Chicory and Dandelion Root Tea

My current favorite way of enjoying this tea involves a few simple items:

1. Hot water (I steep this by the cupful usually)

2. One toasted dandelion root tea bag

3. 1 tsp. chicory root

4. Steep till it gets to a color you like. (Darker = more intense flavor)

Chicory Root

Why do you drink this?

I drink this for the health benefits and the flavor. I also drink it because there is no caffeine, but doesn't feel like it. I'm going to link you to a really great article that deeply summarizes all the health benefits (take a look here) but here's the basic rundown:

  • decreases inflammation
  • increases bile production (clean out your gallbladder!)
  • regulates blood sugar
  • diuretic

Basically, it cleans you out without making you feel like that's what happens. And for those of you with blood sugar issues in any form, I find this is a really nice beverage and makes me feel like I'm being 'reset' internally.

Here's the Dandelion Tea I buy

Here's the Chicory Root I buy

As with anything like this, check with your doctor if you are concerned about any interactions with medications.

And if you try this tea, please let me know what you think! I was surprised when I first sipped it how much I enjoyed the flavor, despite the bitter undertones.