Crocheting Coasters

I've recently re-discovered crochet. I think it started when I found a book called "Lacy Crochet" and there was something about the addition of the word 'lacy' that suddenly made it sound so appealing. I ventured out a few Sunday's ago to acquire some teeny tiny crochet hooks (I only had big, fat, massive hooks I used for making scarves....the bigger the hook--the more time you save).


I also picked up some yarn. I found a lovely shade of green, a lovely shade of lilac and a beautiful cream with metallic thread yarn. Look how beautiful and ephemeral the gold and cream yarn is:

lacy yarn

Then I got started. I made a crazy doll. Then I made a couple weirdly-shaped blobs with flourishes and crazy patterns.

Here's a coin purse I'm not quite finished with:

coin purse startedI'm at the point now where I've got to start shrinking the top. To finish, I'll stitch on a kiss lock. However, this may not happen as I have been unable to find a 3" kiss lock anywhere, even on the internet.

coin purseWhen I finish this project, I'm going to add some sort of embellishment on the exterior. Perhaps beads, perhaps leaves, or maybe I'll embroider a little bird.

vintage coasterAnd here's what I am proud of. I made something that is:

  • useful
  • matches my decor
  • pretty
  • not a waste of time

The issue with crafting is that you often end up making things that don't match anything and things that you won't really use.

coasterI am somehow fulfilled by making these, as I think anyone would be, no matter your gender. I made something with my own hands that serves a purpose and that looks beautiful. I often wonder what it would be like if I knew how to sew all of my own clothes. Or what it would be like if I knew how to do more things by hand, instead of with a visit to the store and the swipe of a credit card.

green glass on a white coasterAnd here's proof! They work!

glass on a coasterSo, I've got two coasters. Perhaps I'll make a couple more. And I'll continue to be proud of myself.

double coaster