A Corporate Spin On Letter Writing

I certainly write letters for pleasure, but did you know I also write them for business reasons? In my position of Creative Director at Doth Brands (I'm also the Owner), I wave the 'Write Letters' flag often. In fact, I can't name a client we've ever had where the topic of writing letters wasn't broached.

Red Doth Brands Quarterly Journal

Writing letters, notes, thank you's....whatever the purpose—it's just important. People do business with people, not fancy websites, not glossy business cards. And if they do, are they really the type of client you want? I want clients that want to work with me, that are confident in me and want to hire me. And I want the same thing for my staff as well. Life and business is all about relationships.

This month at Doth Brands, our quarterly journal came out and it was all about the handwritten note. It's all from a business perspective so it might be of interest to you. There's also a free download of some business-style stationery too.

Here's the link to the newsletter.

I just thought this would be so appropriate to share here on Simplicity Embellished. Let me know what you think and if you found it useful!