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Big, awesome ,exciting things have been happening in my life lately and I'm just feeling really grateful, all the time. Even if you work for something, even if someone gives you a 'chance', or maybe you just 'got lucky'—it doesn't matter. Be grateful, always, and you'll be deeply happy.should also tell you (with a big smile across my face) that I'm writing this post from my very own building! Victor and I closed on our house May 31 and moved in that weekend. I will be posting a thorough house tour shortly! I especially want to do this while the house is still empty (we went from a small one bedroom apartment to a 3-story-with-a-full-basement house) and it's just a big, empty, beige canvas.

Simplicity Embellished Cole's Favorites

So, here are some things on the internet that I love for various reasons. Maybe you'll find something you'll like:

A Door a Day A gal I went did my post-graduate work in typeface design with is at the helm of this project. It's a beautiful collection of doors! Chavelli has done an awesome job.

Celebrities by Height I'm going to tell you why this is an awesome site, and it has nothing to do with celebrities at all. I am a short gal: 5'3". I use this site to find celebrities that are my height. Then, I look up pictures of them to see how they dress. They have personal stylists and spend a ton of money on their appearance. So, I just look and copy the bits and pieces I really like. I highly recommend using this technique, it's great (men too!). I discovered that Kelly Osbourne and I are same height and basically the same measurements (the recent Kelly) and I have found some awesome outfit inspiration from her. Overall, it saves me time and keeps me dressed well. May or may not be your cuppa'.

Parliament | A Quarterly Deathcare Journal (free!) I'm kind of partial to this because my company does the art direction for this publication. BUT! It's genuinely awesome. A lot of my correspondents find me through Simplicity Embellished and I always get questions in letters from you guys about deathcare and what I do and how it works. Believe me, it's way more than just death. This is a digital publication that comes out 4 times a year and is written for the profession. You might be interested in reading the case studies. This issue features a case study where a family lost their child and they thought that the cemetery moved the casket after he was buried. They waited awhile to do anything about it and they said 'they didn't know'. You'll have to read it to find out what happens. Every issue of Parliament features a case study. Oh, the name? Lemasters Consulting has three colored circles in its logo and it's actually the outline of an owl's eye. The owner of Parliament is a both an attorney and funeral director and owls have long been associated with death and justice historically. Parliament is published by Lemasters Consulting and a Parliament is a the term we use for a group of owls. The word 'Parliament' also has a legal definition. So, that's the story. And that's what I do for a living. :) You should subscribe and you'll get it in your inboxes 4x/year.

Mainstrasse Village This is my new 'hood! I am posting a link so you can scope it. Mainstrasse has been called a 'Little Brooklyn' and I've lived in Brooklyn and can attest to the truth in that statement.

Essencha Tea House & Online Store This is where all of my tea comes from. I have about 2 dozen loose leaf varieties in my house right now and it's all thanks to the education Essencha gave me and the fact that they stock a wonderful selection of teas. You can trust the leaves you order from here.

Hello Claire | A Fashion Illustrator This gal is incredible and is in that special spot where she just gained a lot of traction (hello, 5 minute video documentary from a New York City news site) and is about to blow up. She is a fashion illustrator working in watercolor. Just visit her site and take it in. Her stuff is amazing. And she has a crazy, intense background story to her TED talk....she almost went blind! She's also my little sister. <3 I am so proud of her.


Hope you enjoy the Link Love! Do you have something worth sharing that you love? I'd love to see what you've been into.


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