A New Charm For My Charm Bracelet

I'd like to show you my charm bracelet. It's a work in progress that began with my first charm (and the bracelet) when I made my First Communion in 1992. (It's the little circle to the right of the guitar charm in the photo below.) My Mom had the date engraved. Charm Bracelet

I only wear it every so often. It makes quite a bit of noise and is very noticeable on my wrist. I keep it in my jewelry armoir and I love opening it up each day and seeing this bracelet. The number of charms has obviously grown from that first one in 1992 and I can tell you the story behind each and every one of them.

The most recent addition to the bracelet was from my husband's paternal grandmother. This is the patron saint of her church.

Charm Bracelet with Lady of Fatima Charm

I was so happy to get this in the mail. Not only because I hadn't added a charm in awhile, but because this is the church that all of my husband's Aunts, Uncles and cousins attend/attended. My husband attended here on occasion too. It's neat to carry that little token with me on this bracelet.

Charm Bracelet with Pray For Us Charm

On the back it says 'Pray for Us' and is marked 'holy.' Just in case there is any doubt. ;)

The next one was given to me by one of my dearest friends when I graduated high school. As a teenager, my nickname for her was 'squaw.' She often called me 'papoose.' Why? I have no idea. I just know that we were teenagers. And that it most definitely made sense then. And I still call her squaw today on occasion without even thinking about it. And it still mostly makes sense today too. She is one of the few friends I carried with me through high school, college and after.

Charm Bracelet with Native American Charm

I found this State of Montana charm in an airport in Missoula, Montana a few years ago when I was in town for my cousin's wedding. I got my first pair of REAL cowboy boots while I was in town too. I still remember the shop girl telling me very seriously that the boots I bought 'were not pasture boots.' I was pleased that she looked at me and though I must hang around pastures, instead of an office complex and department stores.

Montana was beautiful. I wanted a charm to mark that trip.

Charm Bracelet with State of Montana Charm

The ice cream cone below was given to me by my Mom to commemorate my very first job. I worked at an ice cream parlor. It has little crystals all over the 'scoop' part. Most are still intact.

Charm Bracelet with Ice Cream Cone Charm

And the guitar below was a gift from my parents. My Dad gave me my first guitar (a deep green Washburn acoustic) when I was a junior in high school.

Charm Bracelet with Guitar Charm

I think the Lady of Fatima charm fits in nicely with my other charms. It represents a big part of my life and the people I love.

Charm Bracelet with Our Lady of Fatima Charm

You know, charm bracelets were created as 'bringers of good luck.' For me, it not so much brings me luck as reminds me of the luck I've had in my life. Good family and friends, robust hobbies, safe travels--all the things I love.

Charm Bracelet with Lady of Fatima Charm

Do you have a charm bracelet? Or maybe memories of one? If you do, link us up in the comments! I would love to hear the stories behind your charms and I know readers of Simplicity Embellished will too.

* Regular readers might wonder how a Jew makes a First Communion. Well, I was raised Catholic and went to Catholic school through 8th grade. I celebrated my first Passover my freshman year of high school. My father is Jewish and my Mom + Mom's side is Catholic.