Beautiful, Vintage, Public Domain Photos 9

Are you guys liking these photos? I hope they offer you as much inspiration as I draw from them.

Mary Gullick, Zoe Gullick, Marjory Gullick, Chloe Gullick - outside Altoncourt, Killara? c.1909 from Gullick family, c.1909-1922 / photographed by William Applegate Gullick

Picture 7

Billy and Graham Green from the Salvation Army Camp practice a little deceit, Collaroy Beach, ca. 1940 / photographer unknown

Picture 8

Walter Burley Griffin, architect & designer of Canberra, 1912 / photographer unknown

Picture 9

Maud Grantham as Marguerite in "Faust", Sydney, 1901 / photographer T. Humphrey & Co.

Picture 10

Galli-Curci toured Australia in 1925

Picture 11

I pull so much from these old photos--the details within the images inspire my writing, illustration and design. I hope they do for you to.