Baby Envelope Template Comparison

Do any of you make envelopes? I do. I make envelopes of all sizes and shapes out of all kinds of materials. I love to use pages from old books the most. This post is all about baby envelope templates. These are business card sized envelopes. I'm comparing:

Kuretake's Baby Envelope Template


The Paper Sources Baby Envelope Template

I purchased mine from each of the links above several months ago.

So first, I picked a few sheets of paper. These papers are pretty thick and embellished with a variety of things; glitter, metallic paint, embossing. My favorite paper for making envelopes comes from old books or packs of origami paper.

Below you'll see my Paper Source Baby Envelope Template. I like this one better because of the rounded corners, the slits in the center for adding a crease for folding and because I like the plastic a little better.

And down below is the Kuretake Envelope Template. I like this because it has 4 different Baby Envelope sizes. I used the largest size for this post.

Plus, I like how the Paper Source template lists the size. This is perfect for a business card.

So, trace your envelope on the reverse of the paper.

The Kuretake template has little gaps which really is not an issue.

And voila! Now, I did not score these with my bone folder because you can't really do that with the Kuretake template and I wanted an apples to apples comparison.

See how the Kuretake envelope template has sharp corners?

Aside from the rounded corners and the Paper Source template having a slightly larger flap, they're basically the same.

And the folded up envelopes in all their glory.

I use Lick'n'Stick (also purchased from The Paper Source) to seal them up and to add adhesive to the flap you lick to seal. Great stuff.

Here's a close up look at the difference between the envelope flaps. The Paper Source envelope has a slightly larger flap and rounded corners.

And here are some mini envelopes I made from the Paper Source template out of origami paper and paper from an old book. I also cut business card sized paper for an insert. (If you've written me a letter, you might have gotten one of these enclosed in my response!)

So, I'd pick The Paper Source template I think. I like the rounded corners better. I like that I can score the folds.

HOWEVER! The Kuretake envelope template gives you options for 4 different mini envelope sizes. Cost wise, the Kuretake template is $5.50 from Jet Pens and from The Paper Source it's $9.50, except it also includes paper so I'd say they're actually about the same price.

Now, you can also pull apart an envelope y0u've got laying around and just use that as a template, but using the plastic makes it so much faster to trace it out.

What do you think? Do any of you have either of these templates?