Autumn Clouds | How To Make Them Fancy

Autumn. I've said this a lot, but it's my favorite season. And October is my favorite month. And Brown is my favorite color. One of the things I love about autumn are the clouds. Cloudy October

Most people never bother to take photos of clouds, because, well, they don't turn out very interesting. But, there's a quick little thing you can do to your cloud photos that will give them some oomph.

Here's a before:

Cloud before

I think this is lovely as it is, but to really turn it up; I do the following: + Boost the color a tad + Apply an edge burn

Here's what you get:

Clouds with Boost and Edge Burn

It's got more depth and becomes a little moody; dare I say?

Here's one more. Just a standard midwestern photo of clouds and telephone wires. Clouds and Telephone Wires

If you're using a program like iPhoto; you can easily toggle with the color by clicking on 'edit.' iPhoto has an option in the 'effects' panel called 'edge blur' that works really nicely too. I suggest searching the internet for specifics on how to burn the edges a little or boost color in your specific photo manipulating program.

I use iPhoto and Photoshop for my stuff.

Anyone have any good photos of clouds? I'd love to see them.