Listen | Cincinnati Art Museum's Podcast "Art Palace"

The Cincinnati Art Museum publishes a podcast called Art Palace and it has a really cool format:

“A podcast where we meet cool people and then talk about art. With different guests from all walks of life, we show how everyone can have conversations about art and culture. New episodes are posted approximately every two weeks.'“

So first things first, I got to go to the art museum on a day it was closed! That was super cool. All the exhibit rooms were dark, there were no people (just staff) and there was a lot of hammering going on. I asked Russell what all the noise was about (he’s the podcast host) and he told me something that never even crossed my mind……they were installing a new exhibit! Duh! Of course they do that kind of work on days when the museum is closed. Anyway, it was a real treat to see ‘behind the scenes’ in a museum I’ve been to many times before.

Second, Russell surprised me with TWO pieces of art! They both are connected to death and dying, and our conversation might surprise you.

Here’s a link to listen to Episode 66 of Art Palace: Art and Death with Cole Imperi

Thank you to the Cincinnati Art Museum for having me on!