My Apartment Home Tour

Cole Home Tour I wanted to share some photos of my current home because it will very soon be a former home. I am nearly through the process of buying a building!

Cole Home Tour

The apartment I'm in at present has been very short-term—less than a year. I moved in in June of 2012, lived in New York from June–July/August and then was able to really unpack and hang things up mid-August. Seven months, basically!

Cole Home Tour

I have really enjoyed this space, despite its lack of direct sunlight, and for the most part, I like what I've done with it. No painting was done because I knew I'd be here short-term.

Cole Home Tour

The first three photos show you my living area. The lanterns by the bookshelf all have a little story. One I bought at a thrift store for $3 and carried with me for about 8 years. Finally got around to cleaning it up and hanging it here! The multi-colored 'stained glass' style lantern was made by my grandfather. The Moroccan-esque brass lantern was actually made to hold a candle. We made it into a lantern.

I'm also showing you a picture of the floors. I love them and will miss them. New building has bamboo floors.

Below you are looking at my front door. The beagle (Ruby) is in the photo because she is actually a part of the decor of the house, as I'm sure your pets are too. She likes to act as the 'statement piece' in whatever room she is in.

And the houseplant? This was him a few years ago. He is lovingly referred to as 'Cro' (short for Croton, which is the type of plant he is.) He has been mostly fed a diet of tea as I dump my half-finished cups of tea into his little pot.

Cole Home Tour

The below is looking from the front door towards the kitchen. The shelves outside the kitchen hold my 18 varieties of loose leaf tea (bottom shelf) and tea ware on the next three shelves. Top shelf holds coffee stuff and wine glasses. There is a banquette seat underneath a (poorly) framed print of Cincinnati. That little seat has been a great landing area. I keep letters, tea and ayurveda supplies in the boxes in the seat. You can also see in the below the 'make do for now' table and chairs I was using until I got back from NYC to move in. I replaced it with a large, butcher block topped table with storage and 2 seats.

Cole Home Tour

This is over the dining table. See the butcher block table? So great. The lantern belonged to my grandparents and was on their back porch for, well, a long time. I inherited it after they both died and now it graces my living space.

At some point, I was going to take down the tacky plastic blinds over the sliding glass door, but in January when the building purchase was going to be finalized, I thought "You know what? This really works in this space. Love it. It stays!" ;-)

Cole Home Tour

The below is right by my front door when you walk in. While I do not self-identify with any particular religion, I philosophically and culturally identify as something you might find at the intersection of Judaism and Yoga. This is by my front door because I wear that with pride. The intersections of life are the most interesting places.

Cole Home Tour

And now for what's above my bed. A big giant oil painting of a dog! I keep all my favorite books on a shelf below that and have the bed under all of that.

Cole Home Tour

Here's a closeup of the shelf. I collect Golden Guides and tarot decks (middle of photo below) and I keep my most special books ever on this shelf. Things like the 26 Letters and Stop Stealing Sheep and down at the far end I keep religious-eque texts from the Catholic, Jewish and yogic traditions.

Cole Home Tour

Corner of the bedroom below. I never got around to finishing the curtains. Once the building was a definite 'go' (back in January) I was like 'yep, not finishing that!' Ruby is also featured as part of the bed decor. She is responsible for 'lumpifying' the duvet.

Cole Home Tour


One of my collections below. I collect what many call 'Bell Charms' from the 80s. They are plastic junk. But, plastic junk I like. There are many more charms I'd like to have. I love the bright colors and it reminds me of my childhood. I was really lucky to have a wonderful childhood and I think if your memories of childhood make you happy, you should keep a reminder around.

Cole Home TourDesk in the corner of the room below. That desk belonged to Victor's Grandfather. And that is a picture of my Grandpa on the top. Also, whiskey! Oops! I put the big giant sheepskin up on the wall behind the desk to absorb sound and because when you have two beagles, sheepskins are not viable options for floor coverings.

Cole Home TourThis is on the wall as you come into the bedroom. It's two shadowboxes that I keep two of my other little collections in. Pins from all the places I go and ribbons from my childhood. The ribbons I think are hilarious because—look closely—most of them are from elementary school when I ran track and I basically got 4th and 5th place. Thanks Mom, for holding on to these. I should really consider adding these to my current resume.

Placed 4th in 1993 Hamilton County, Ohio Track Meet. Placed 5th in 1992 Sacred Heart Track Meet.

My Mom put little notes on the back of each ribbon with specific dates that I ran those races.

Look, basically, I might not have gotten 1st place, but I still did awesome. You don't have to win 1st place to be fabulous! {although maybe one time winning first place would have been nice...}

Cole Home TourI don't really collect that much stuff. I don't like to have a lot of possessions and I don't like having stuff that just sits there, which collections are. That is just my personal preference. The pin box has stuff in there from when I was less than 5 years old (the rainbow heart pin if you can spot it, was my first). When I travel, I buy pins. They only go in the box if I've actually been there, or done something it represents. It is nice to see a reminder of your travels and experiences like that.

Down below you'll see what my coffee table looks like during the week. I love to sit on a meditation cushion and WORK here. It's a quiet space, I'm surrounded by books, two beagles are usually on the couch and have room to spread out. Many good projects have been completed at this table.

Cole Home TourYou might have noticed that there is no TV in this house. Being TV free is wonderful. And, it makes decorating a lot easier. Most living spaces are arranged around the television so you end up with a TV-centric home. We did talk about bringing a TV back in, and if we would have, we would have put it up over the dining table where the "I don't have time for bullshit" print hangs. Something small, though.

There's my home!

After I move and get settled in the new place, I will share photos. The new building is 3 stories with a full basement, was built in the 1880's, is in a Historic Neighborhood, features Italianate architecture and will be mine!