Vintage Find | Antique Musical Carousel

If you don't already, go to your nearest thrift store on a regular basis. There are treasures to be had.

Finds to discover.

Trinkets to claim.


Look at this. It's a carousel. Made of some metal of some sort...zinc maybe? No idea. It's certainly not a recent creation.


Look at the details. Doesn't it just capture you? Pull you in?


If I had had this around when I was a child, I can guarantee that this would have inspired many a daydream.


The dern thing is even decorated. Look at the little flags, waving in the wind.


When I find stuff like this, I always wonder Who bought it? How much did they pay? Why did they buy it? How did it end up at a thrift store?


Maybe that's why this is so magical. Because I don't know any of those things. I only know that it was something somebody somewhere threw away. Something someone else saw no value in.

Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.