Anthropologie's Clever Birthday Marketing | Years 1 & 2

First, let me start with a disclaimer. Just to clear the water. Anthropologie is not my client, or a client of Doth Brands. No one asked me to write this post, I am just truly inspired by their very effective marketing efforts, and I think they present some things we all can learn from. Anthropologie is a store featuring clothing and housewares. If you haven't been in one, you should absolutely stop in. You can learn a lot about merchandising and take a peek at something exceptional in the retail industry. Anthropologie sets the standard (in my opinion) for shopping experiences. And, if you can give your client an experience rather than just a, let's say, visit; well the difference is long lasting and permanent.


Each year at the beginning of July (my birthday month) Anthropologie sends me something special. And all their other clients who have birthdays in July.

I was really excited about this year's.


They sent a birthday candle necklace.

cbm1I get all kinds of promotional advertising from lots of stores and restaurants. Pizza coupons, Macy's $10 off Star Rewards coupons; all the things that go along with forking over your email address and mailing address when you sign up for a loyalty card.

I think you'll agree with me that most direct mail advertising is digitally printed and on glossy paper.

That's a standard look and feel for this kind of advertising.

cbm2So, when you can bring in texture (you can see the texture of the paper above) you are clearly differentiating yourself.

If my eyes were closed I could easily tell that Anthropologie's mailing was different than the birthday mailer I got from another local boutique.

cbm3And, as far as cost goes, I feel pretty comfortable with an assesment that they had a better response rate than just sending out a glossy postcard.

For you retailers out there reading (I know many of you are boutique owners) it's going to be more effective to send something nicer to your top 10% of customers than something cheaper to 100%.

Focus on your most loyal customers.


So anyway, I wanted to show this because it's remarkable. And I think if you consider your own business you can learn a lesson from Anthropologie.

cbm2Give your customers an experience.

SIDE NOTE: I also wrote about last year's on my personal blog. If you want to see what they did last year, here is the link.