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Working in the deathcare profession is an honor. Not just anyone works in deathcare, in fact, many will tell you that it is a calling. A lot of folks grow up in it—there are lots of multi-generational family businesses in deathcare. It's also a place where I see a lot of second careers happening. You are deeply impacting people during some of the most difficult times of their lives. You've really got to have a passion for it.

All that said, I feel honored and grateful for the incredible opportunity that I'm writing about....being featured in (and on) the April 2015 issue of American Funeral Director magazine!

My BA happens to be in Magazine Journalism...I  never  thought I'd be  in  a magazine like this—let alone  on  the cover!

My BA happens to be in Magazine Journalism...I never thought I'd be in a magazine like this—let alone on the cover!

I thought I'd show you the original image taken by Rudy Harris Photography here in Covington, KY. Rudy is a lighting expert. This shot—he managed to get in about 10 minutes. It was bitterly cold that day. We jumped out of the car, stood in front of the church, and Rudy had all these lights and reflection things (technical term, obviously) all ready to go. Snap, click, snap click. "Ok, done!" That was it. He's good


American Funeral Director Magazine is a publication both Victor and I have read for years. They do a great job of balancing opinions and they do show all sides of an issue. I also am very fond of two of the gals that work there: Patti & Allison. 

Victor and I were named as Movers & Shakers for 2015 and this was the article about us and our company, Doth, and why we're a little different. 

American Funeral Director

Victor was part of the Cremation Arrangements Roundtable Article. 

Thank you so very much AFD & Kates-Boylston Publications. I am grateful for the opportunity and really lucky to be part of such a supportive profession. 

Cole Imperi, CTComment