A Week at a Time

Recently, my journal has been full of statements like this: Well, another week has come and gone.

I can not believe what happened this week!

A week has passed already.

See, that's my normal writing schedule, once a week. It's funny how I am a weekly writer and not a daily one , like so many of you bloggers out there I admire so much. I think weeks are wonderful chunks of time. A full seven days. A lot can happen in seven days, you know. A lot.

And this brings me to the point of this post.

3131No, not car dealerships. Or Oakley, a wonderful neighborhood in Cincinnati. This photo is a trigger for wonderful memories for me, some memories I journaled about even. Memories like my first apartment, ice cream in summer, long Sunday runs.

But my point! My point. Here it is:

Write your thoughts down once a week. Just shoot for a paragraph.

At the end of the month, or year, or whatever block of time you prefer, you'll have recorded all these wonderful details. You'll see differences in your handwriting. Parties you forgot about will surface. Friendships and relationships with people in your life will strengthen through those recalled memories--those special details that nearly slipped away.

Sometimes, my journal entries are just a sentence or two. And sometimes, I only make it to the date. But mostly, my entries are a page in length. For many years, I felt this pressure to write about what happened and how I felt and whatever thoughts I was having in addition to all that. That's a lot of writing. I found that I didn't enjoy it as much. Now, I only write what's on the tip of my tongue; what's dying to get out. And you know what, it's frustrating sometimes because I'll really want to write about one particular thing, but find that when I put my pen down something that I didn't want to write about is all that comes out.

And, it's OK. Writing is calming; writing forces you to be a thoughtful person. It helps you see your life more clearly as it passes by.

I pulled out a journal from a couple years ago. I was only writing once every few months then. And I was so pleased to see I had achieved some of things I had been describing as dreams then.

A week is nothing at all. But sometimes it's everything. Write it down. Savor it.