A Visit to Exaclair

Me & Sunny

When I was about 11, my Mom got me into a pen focus group. We had to bring our favorite pens to the first session and talk about them. The other kids in the study were so not in the game. They rolled up with maybe 5 pens. I came with a one gallon freezer bag filled with dozens and dozens of pens. I remember being cut off by the coordinator because I had a significant amount of things to share about my pens. And it got better. I got a check for $50 on the way out the door! And several more sessions to go. Ahh, childhood. Exaclair Sample Cabinet

I was also into paper at this age, but Mom did not get me into a study for that.

Exaclair Giraffe

Anyway, I'm an adult now (but still into pens and paper) and instead of hanging out in pen focus groups, I hang out in actual paper companies. And I'm still equally as excited!

Me & Sunny

I was in NYC for a lot of February and got to stop into Exaclair's offices. I got to talk with both Sunny and Karen in the office and Sunny gave me a tour. Super fun. Exaclair distributes brands like Exacompta, Rhodia, Quo Vadis, G. Lalo,  J. Herbin and Clairefontaine. And Brause, which is my go-to company of late for nibs for my calligraphy workshops. If you are into fountain pens, then I would guarantee you have some of these products in your stash. Hence, my interest in visiting.

Thanks to Exaclair for having me!

J Herbin Inks