A Summer Update

It has been a busy summer. After moving to our new building the first week of June (that would be home and office, across state lines) we've been on quite the wild ride. When we moved, I got my stack of mail down to zero. In just a few weeks, I had a giant stack build up. But, I had no time to sit and think and write. We've had so many house projects (like, uh, getting a couch) and we've had 17 houseguests so far. So, I've been washing sheets and linens ALOT this summer, too. I just wanted to give you a peek by way of a few photos from our first summer here.

Moss Wall


This wall is in my backyard. It's really old and faces North. The moss is beautiful.

And below, here's an update on our living room.

Living Room Update


And I give you our bar cart. We have yet to enjoy a Manhattan.

Bar cart


Here's Hairy this morning. He snuggled in between the pillows on my bed and enjoyed a deep nap brought on by a yummy breakfast. Food coma!

Hairy being cute


Here's Ruby, enjoying the couch. Looking fabulous.

Ruby enjoying the couch


We celebrated my parent's birthdays earlier in September. Their birthdays are two days apart just like Victor and I. Oktoberfest was going on the same weekend in our neighborhood so we celebrated at our house (with a pinata!) and then walked a couple blocks (literally, 2 blocks) to enjoy food, music, beer and shopping. Oktoberfest in our neighborhood brought 125,000 people this year and would you believe, we heard no noise and had no issue with parking or anything?Mom and Dad

Hairy *loves* to 'get dressed'. Seriously, I hold up the little blue neck outfit and he rushes towards me. It's very sweet. I love Hairy.

Hairy Beagle

And the most favorite part of living here is stuff that I don't write about. What you see below is our favorite thing to do. We love having people over and we love having long meals together around our island; talking, laughing and sipping on lots of beverages.



I am just so happy.

And, finally, all caught up on my letters! :)


PS: These photos are from my Instagram account. Go there to see my day-to-day if you are curious.