A Special Cake

One night last week, I was feeling rather.....motivated. Motivated to cook. Actually, I think, motivated to be distracted in the kitchen for a few hours--do you know what I mean? Sometimes it's really nice to be focused on one thing for several hours. And it's even nicer when that one thing reaps quantifiable results.

I made yams.

I made roasted sweet potatoes and parsnips.

I made a lentil and rice dish.

And I made my husband a cake.

Picture 49

I used the yellow cake recipe from Cooks Illustrated and their Simple Vanilla Frosting recipe as well.

I felt so proud, staring across the room at my three layer cake resting peacefully on the cake stand.

And when my husband got home, he felt hungry. Which was perfect, because I had a lot of food.

Picture 48