A Note on Assholes

Shared this on Instagram tonight:


This is something I have learned, witnessed and been taught.

To those of you who might be struggling, remember this:
•Those who harm, have been harmed.
• Those who mistreat, have been mistreated.
• Those who hate, hate themselves.

You are a light...so flood their darkness with your bright eyes, shiny spirit and sparkling heart. It is up to them to step into the light and out of their own darkness—do not try to do this for them. Just be your bright, shiny self. 

When others assign blame, they are discharging their hurt and vulnerability. The lesson they have to learn is to take and accept responsibility. That is their lesson to learn...not yours.

You just need to keep living with compassion, zeal, a pep in your step and BLOOM RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE!

(This is for you, my dear friend. ) #spreadlove #bepositive #relishhappiness 

A way that humans discharge pain and vulnerability is through blame. I learned this through a great TED Talk. Watch it >> Here's Brene Brown's The Power of Vulnerability TED Talk.

Cole Imperi, CTComment