A Look At Legal Pads

Initially, I had it in my head to feature several makes of legal pads and go over the differences. I decided against it because there is one very clear winner in my mind. It's my favorite legal pad on the market at a decent price.

Would you like me to show you? I hope the answer is yes because I need somewhere to put this legal pad experience I have. (I know readers who are lawyers also have lots of experience with legal pads too.)

M by Staples Gold Series Writing Pads 6 Premium Pads for Writing with Style

60pt Heavyweight Backing 20lb Heavyweight paper

50 Sheets/Pad

White or Canary Narrow Ruled (they are also available in wide ruled) 8.5" x 11.75" 8.5" x 14" 5" x 8"

I actually prefer the Canary over the white. I noticed there is some bleed-through on the white!

Here is the link to the pads online.