A Letter Full of Treasure

Sometimes, letters are extra special. maki1What makes a letter extra special?

For me, I love to see a person's culture reflected in the letter in some way. You'll see above a very teeny tiny paper crane. That was one of two included in this letter. The correspondent is Japanese.

maki5She included a little note on a gorgeous piece of bunny notepaper. The bunny is about the size of the palm of my hand. I would love to have a little notepad like this. You can very clearly see in the photo the quality of the paper too.

maki4And! (Yes, there's more!) She included one of her wedding announcements. How beautiful. This is just a section from the front. It reminds me a tiny bit of etegami but this is much more beautiful.

maki2She also made a copy of one of the pages from a letter-related magazine she subscribes to. Look at all these letter-writing gadgets from Japan! I am loving the postal scales.


And, there was a letter included as well, of course! All of that in just one envelope.

So, this is an extra special letter and it's an example of how to pull this off without using calligraphy or fancy inks.

There's SO MUCH you can do with a letter, and so much you can do that is inexpensive or free. I hope this letter inspires some of you letter writing enthusiasts looking for some ideas.