A Fancy Appetizer

There are several restaurants I know of (that shall remain nameless) in several hip cities (that shall also remain nameless) that serve a dish to their customers that is basically scrap. Stuff that they would have tossed down the disposal.

That is, most likely, until some dishwasher probably said something like, "Y'know, you could make a lot of money if you sold that."

And some head chef went, "You know what, that's a terrible idea."

And then went and did it.


weweewewCan you identify it?

That fleshy red stuff. Looks kinds gross when it's just in a glass bowl.

wewewCan you identify that?

It's the center part of a tomato. The mushy, fleshy part.

Restaurants serve these on the side or as an appetizer. Some will sprinkle a little sea salt and pepper on top.

Man are they good. You just eat 'em by the spoonful.

weeeewTry serving these in summer time. Use some delish heirloom tomatoes. Serve them in shot glasses. Or perhaps on a bed of greens.

They're addicting. I promise.