A Day With The Amish

After spending two afternoons in Amish country in South Central Ohio in October, I learned a few things. First, the Amish are excellent at making money. They bring in dozens and dozens of 'Englishers' [what they call non-Amish folk] from hours away with the allure of 'Amish-made' baked goods and products. And we all come in. And we all buy.

This gentleman sold me some Fry Pies. They're what's in front of him on the counter.


I will tell you that I was very excited to eat an Amish Fry Pie. It just sounds good. Hearty, wholesome, well-made and delicious. Sadly, I got it home, heated it up, plated it and discovered with my first bite that the filling was that fruit stuff that's sold in plastic bags. The gelatinous filling that's super cheap and gross. How can they not use actual fresh fruit?! He looks so honest!

Second, they have cool toys.


I looked at this and quickly realized that as a kid [ok, maybe even today] I would likely not have gotten tired of this toy. Blowing up the balloon over and over; racing boats with friends...come on--things that are simple always last.