A Day Spent Antiquing

I went antiquing with my mother and father a few weeks ago. We ventured up to Seaman, Ohio. Seaman is a very small, primarily Amish town in Ohio. It's commonplace to see horses pulling buggies, little girls in aproned dresses and boys coasting down the sometimes one-lane roads on bikes [that don't have seats, for some reason.] Here are some things I spotted on my hunt for treasure:

ceramicdogThis ceramic dog is sporting a nice chain for a collar. He was a steal at $20. Don't you wonder where these things were in their prime? I imagine this guy was perched in the sun room of a 1950's ranch home. But I'm likely way off.

boxoffeetWhat do you know! A box of feet!

What do you think these were used for? They don't look like they were used for shoes because they're flat and cut off at the ankle. Maybe socks?

bigcubbyThis cubby was about 8 feet tall and 20 feet long. It was filled with all kinds of stuff.

cardcatalogAnd one of my favorite finds; an old card catalog. There weren't any cards in it anymore.

friendsI just love this. Do you think these girls are sisters? They have different noses. Maybe best friends?  The back of the photo says it's from 1947.

doctorscabinetAnd I found the photo above sitting on this old doctor's cabinet. My mom opened one of the drawers and an overwhelming smell of ether washed over us; it legitimately was enough to make us pass out. That was a surprise we did not enjoy.

Do any of you have interesting finds from an adventure antiquing?