2010 Garden Update

Back in the spring, I posted in pretty good detail about all the items I was growing in my porch gardens this year. Everything you're about to see is being grown in containers on one of two porch gardens. If you think you can't grow your own stuff in small spaces, let this prove you wrong!

Down below is some Chamomile. It grows super easily and germinates from seed in just a day or two. I started this about 2 weeks ago and it's already pretty substantial. I use this in tea that I dry myself. (I also make tea from mint and roses that I grow.)


And below you'll see some of my lettuce. One side of the planter gets more sun than the other, and you'll see that difference in the following two photos.

This lettuce is called Black Seeded Simpson.



And one of the newest additions to my garden is the Luffa. Now, I started this from seed and I am about ready to move it down to the ground. This is not a container plant, but I wanted to share it with you nonetheless. The luffa produces those body sponges you can buy at the store....yes those things! This becomes a large vine and grows shiny green gourd-like vegetables. Come autumn, you peel the green skin off, rinse out all the seeds and voila! Luffa! A neat plant for sure.


Mint is down below. Makes excellent sun tea and dried, loose leaf tea too.


And below is an heirloom variety of Morning Glory. This is called President Tyler and you'll see the bloom is all wrapped up. I took this photo in the afternoon (they bloom in the mornings). Isn't it lovely?


And down below are my tomato plants! We have 4 varieties on our porches this year and they are thriving in our containers.

garden_tomatoWhat you're seeing down below is the very first ripening tomato of the season! This guy should be ready later this week for munching.


garden_tomato_detailBelow are my Romano tomatoes. I started those from seed about 3 weeks ago. Starting tomatoes in late June produces a faster-growing plant. The other plants you saw above I started in February and they grow much more slowly due to cooler temperatures and less intense sun.


So, there's where I am with my garden this year. I'm on my second round of lettuce (harvested the first batch in early June) and my second round of basil, arugula, and sage (not pictured).

Container gardening is easy. Here's some simple tips for you if you're interested in trying it out.

If you get full sun, at least 4-6 hours a day, on a porch or windowsill, here are my no-fail recommendations for you:

  • lettuce (Black Seeded Simpson)
  • tomato (Romano or Cherry)
  • basil

These are three easy-to-use vegetables and herbs and great plants to start out with.

Come late summer, we'll be planting onions, parsnips and more autumn-loving veggies.

Expect another update in a month or two!